MQTT is very popular in the internet today. First version of the protocol was authored by Andy Standord-Clark and Arlen Nipper, IBM in 1999. Minimum battery loss and bandwidth and lightweight was primarily use case. There are no queues messaging. It is publish-subscribe based, build on top of TCP/IP messaging protocol. Today many embedded devices communicate with MQTT.

I’m working on MQTT for the last 3 months and I’ve decided to run a broker on my Raspberry Pi.

What is Broker?

Basically brokers carry out messages using publish/subscribe model. The main tasks of broker is responsible for receiving all messages, filtering and accessing control that decide who can let in or not. Also it holds some clients sessions persisted in-memory or optionally in databases (SQLite, MySQL, etc). These are some popular brokers.


My choice is Mosca to try. Normally I use Mosquitto broker but I’m really curious to use Javascript based broker. I’m not sure how fast as Mosquitto. I’ll let it try on my Raspberry Pi.


Here is link: